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We have the capability to design and execute custom research projects for virtually any business problem. The following list provides a sample of some of the kinds of studies with which we have extensive experience.

Health Care Services:

  • Community Awareness and Image: CAIS/Healthcare provides health care service providers with an overview of their market position from the perspective of the community, assesses areas of strength and weakness in community perceptions of health care services and gives strategic direction for the marketing of health care services.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Measuring patient perceptions of the quality of health care services in order to enhance patient perceptions of quality and increase future utilization
  • Physician Satisfaction: Assessing physician satisfaction with hospital operations and services with the goal of increasing physician utilization
  • Employee Satisfaction: ESAS/Healthcare - An assesment of current and potential employee relations problems with an emphasis on identifying means of improving employee performance and quality of service
  • Market Feasibility Studies: Measuring the market potential for new healthcare services and delivery systems with the goal of minimizing risk and identifying service attributes which will enhance consumer utilization

Consumer Research:

  • Customer Service Satisfaction: Measuring customer perceptions of the quality of service relative to their expectations in order to enhance repeat business
  • Consumer Awareness and Image Tracking: Measuring consumer awareness and perceptions of your products and/or services relative to competitors in order to evaluate marketing effectiveness and strengthen your competitive position
  • Consumer Segmentation: Identification of distinct consumer groups based on specific product/service attributes so that marketing efforts can be targeted to the most desirable groups of consumers
  • Consumer Response Analysis: Estimation of potential market share and buying behavior among distinct consumer groups for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of marketing tactics

Strategy Development:

  • Communication Strategy Development: Identification and analysis of alternative communication strategies to determine the most effective strategy for your products or services relative to your competitors
  • Strategic Positioning Analysis: Identification of major dimensions of consumer preference and evaluation of alternative positioning strategies with an emphasis on maximizing potential market share

Data Collection Methods

We have the capability to use virtually any methodology necessary to gather the data you need, including:

  • Online surveys through our affiliate ARPSurvey Online
  • Telephone surveys
  • Mail surveys
  • Self-administered surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Secondary analysis

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