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Analytical Services

Finding hidden meaning through advanced statistical analysis

The fundamental purpose of data analysis is to provide you with sound conclusions and actionable recommendations. In order to properly analyze data it is often necessary to investigate complex relationships which are frequently unseen when merely tabulating data.

We have extensive experience using and interpreting a variety of powerful and proven statistical methods. Our expertise with these methods allows us to provide you with powerful decision support tools for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Providing you with a view of consumer perceptions of your product or service relative to your competitors and consumer needs using Perceptual Mapping.
  • Estimating the impact of product/service attributes, positioning strategies, and overall market conditions on customer satisfaction, potential market share and sales using Multiple Regression and Logistic Regression Analysis.
  • Identification of distinct groups of consumers and the characteristics which distinguish those groups using Cluster Analysis and Discriminant Analysis.
  • Identifying the relationships among various product/service attributes from the point-of-view of the consumer using Factor Analysis.
  • Development of precise measures of customer satisfaction, product/service performance and others using Reliability Analysis.
Data Processing

We have the facilities to provide all data processing and statistical analysis "in-house." This includes our own computer systems employing powerful statistical packages and data base programs to provide you with the analysis and data presentation best suited to your needs.

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